What Is Zakat And Why Is It Considered Mandatory In The Quran?

You may ask, “Why to pay Zakat?” To answer the question, you must first understand what “Zakat” means in the Abrahamic religion of Islam.

Sadaqa Zakat in English is a voluntary charity for Muslims. However, there is also an obligatory charity. In the Abrahamic religion of Islam, the Zakat fund is a required gift in agreement with the Five Pillars of Isalm. The Zakat in the Quran rules that anyone who is a free Muslim, and not a slave, must give the charity. Therefore, there is a minimum online amount or nisab for Muslim charities.

It is considered an affirmative action. When the Muslim charity is given, it pleases Allah who is the God of Abrahamic religions. Your action of giving will make your life better than it was before you gave. Therefore, the act of distributing wealth does not mean that the giver will have less than he had before. It means that good things will occur for the giver when he gives to please Allah and to obey the Quran.

It is also positive because it is considered a means of wealth distribution. Those who have more must redistribute the wealth to even out the economic lives of all Muslims. According to the Quran, each Muslim is responsible for the communities wealth, health, and well-being. Therefore, each Muslim must relinquish some of his wealth to give to those Muslims, who are weak and sick.

When a Muslim gives, he is not focused on greed, selfishness or materialism. Instead, he is focused on kindness, love, caring and compassion. He is giving to the needy and also contributing to good community causes.

A Zakat online calculator for gold is used to determine the nisab. The greater your assets, the greater you must give. The nisab would be the amount of gold, silver and other valuables. If you meet the minimum amount, you must provide the Muslim charity. The is how one calculates the Zakat.

If you do not give your required Zakat, it doesn’t please Allah. Therefore, you will receive serious repercussions for your actions, something that no Muslim wants. Allah will not grant respite when the time of death occurs. Therefore, it is important to do as the Quran rules to stay in Allah’s good graces, to receive his blessings, and to show that there is no greater love than your love for Allah. The Muslim charity washes away any sins that the Muslim carries.

However, it is more than just giving. You must do so without expectation or praise. It must come purely from your heart and for your love for Allah. It must not come as a way to be praised or congratulated. The Zakat charity must be purely for Allah’s sake.

It must be noted that in today’s society, only in some Muslim countries is giving the Zakat mandatory. For example, in Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Libya, Saudi Arabia there is the compulsory Zakat, which is collected by the state.

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